Printable Peg Dolls: The Passion Set

Well, you have all been asking for a second set of decoupagable peg dolls since I came out with the first set, and here it is! This set has the characters you need to act out the Passion of Jesus, including everyone you need for the 14 Stations of the Cross. For anyone unfamiliar with my printable peg dolls, the concept is easy. All you have to do is paint the head, and then you print and … [Read more...]

ABC Saints: Coloring Pages Turned Easy Catholic Craft

I've been working hard on something that I'm so excited to release to you today: A whole alphabet of Saints, ready for you and your kids to craft! The best part is, they're printable, and ready-to-go in either black and white or in color. Your choice. :-) Also, they totally match the Saint of the week for Catholic ABC's. This project was a joint effort! I commissioned my sister-in-law at to … [Read more...]

Catholic St. Veronica Craft

So I've been working on some more crafts for holy week, and this is a craft where you make your own version of Veronica's veil after she wipes the face of Jesus. It's done using a faux batik technique for kids. Here's the completed craft: Supplies Needed: White scrap fabric (something "natural" and pre-washed) Non-washable tempera paints School Glue (NOT glue all) I highly … [Read more...]