Cross Craft for Preschoolers- A Bible Craft for the Letter C

Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipies for kids here! We are continuing on our Bible Alphabet Crafts series, and this week we made crosses for the letter C. As I've mentioned before, my preschool class is very young (1 and 2 year olds) so I'm always looking for very simple things for them to do, and I came up with this: Supplies Needed: White Card Stock Blue … [Read more...]

How to Start a Scripture Journal with Children

Starting a scripture journal with kids is not as complicated as it seems, and it can be done almost entirely independently.  What you need to start a scripture journal with kids: A journal notebook with a space at the top to draw a picture, and a place underneath to write out the Bible verses. Ours came from Staples. You can order them online, or print out your own paper and keep it in … [Read more...]

How to Bead a Cross (Fun Christian Craft!)

These beaded crosses are a great craft for kids! This classic christian craft is fun anytime- Vacation bible school (VBS), CCD, Sunday school, or at home. I have a little trick that makes these especially easy for kids to make. (I recommend this craft for 6 year olds and older.) Supplies Needed: Pony Beads String (we used plastic string) Glue Dots (these make this craft super … [Read more...]

4 Tips To Teach Kids How To Make the Sign of the Cross

When I was volunteering at Vacation Bible School over the Summer, my station met in the church, so we taught each group that came through how to genuflect and make the sign of the cross before entering. I was SHOCKED at how many kids (up through 5th grade!) could not do these basic things correctly! We had to re-cap with each group every day that week before entering. It seriously blew my … [Read more...]