Make a Giant Rosary With Kids

Since it's officially "pool noodle season" I thought I would re-run this post for making pool noodle rosaries (which was originally written last Summer). Have fun! :-) My daughter and I made a giant rosary out of pool noodles! This project is so much fun, such a great counting exercise, and a really good way to get kids excited about the rosary- plus, you can make it with just $3! Here's my … [Read more...]

Catholic Craft for Kids- Make a Rosary Book!

I wanted to find a fun way to teach my kids about rosary. I also wanted to have some visuals to teach them about all the different mysteries of the rosary, so we came up with these paper bag books. These were a lot of fun to make and I think they came out really cute! To make your own paper bag book, you just take paper lunch bags, fold them in half, and staple up the side. We used 4 bags … [Read more...]

Easy Rosary Craft for Kids

Catholic ABC's Week: 23 Letter of the week: R Theme: Rosary Saint of the Week: St. Rose of Lima Craft: Easy Rosary   This one decade rosary craft is super easy for kids of all ages! This would be a great Catholic craft for CCD class, or any occasion really. This week we made it because we're learning about rosaries with the letter "R". Materials Needed to Make This Rosary … [Read more...]

Start Kids on the Rosary

Here's something I've been doing to help teach my kids about the rosary. I made these plastic rosaries where all the "Hail Mary Beads"are blue, the "Our Father Beads" are white, and I painted the "Glory BeKnots" with pink fingernail polish. I give my kids the rosaries and have them hold the appropriate color bead while we say the correlating prayer. For now we just say one of each prayer- my … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Month of the Rosary!

October is here- the month of the Rosary! Today I'm having a special rosary link-up. You post about your rosary ideas, and then put your link at the bottom of this post. :-) <a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="Month of the Rosary" width="180" … [Read more...]

How to Make Patriotic Beads- a Picture Turtorial!

So when Sarah (the Clay Rosary Girl) left my house, I just couldn't stop making beads! So I made a bunch of red, white, and blue ones. They are a lot of fun to make because they have such high contrast, and they're really cheery! Once you make them, you can use them for religious necklaces, bracelets, rosaries- whatever! (I did not make the letter beads.) I used Sculpey for making mine, … [Read more...]

Patriotic Rosary for the 4th of July

I ran across the idea of praying a patriotic rosary here, and I loved it! What a great idea with the 4th of July coming up! It would be fun to make some red white and blue rosaries with kids to go along with the idea! Here are a few of ideas for praying a patriotic rosary: 1st Decade: for the Executive Branch 2nd Decade: for the Supreme Court 3rd Decade: for Congress 4th Decade: … [Read more...]

Make an Edible Rosary- Fun for Catholic Kids!

I have seen some of the cutest edible rosaries! From cupcakes to marshmallows to raisins to candy, the possibilities seem to be endless! I think these would be great for any Catholic party or occasion. Check out some of these crafty ideas :-) I love this rosary from Cherished Hearts at Home! Lord Make Me a Saint constructed a rosary from cookies! My cousin, Stephanie, makes these edible … [Read more...]