Our Simple Christmas Coming to a Head

Advent is a time of joyful anticipation, so we have been procrastinating patiently waiting to put out our Christmas decorations. We put them up on Friday. In keeping with our tone of a simple, yet meaningful Christmas this year, we took it easy and had a nice family afternoon. Because we waited until so late in the year, our tree cost only $13. We usually cut one down ourselves as a … [Read more...]

A Picture Book of the Mass- Review in the National Catholic Register!

Today, the National Catholic Register came out with an article on my new book- A Picture Book of the Mass Illustrated by the Masters. You can read the review here.  I'm so thrilled to get such positive feedback!  This project has been very dear to my heart, and I'm just so thankful to have had this opportunity to help share the beauty of our Catholic Mass with others.  To God be the glory!  … [Read more...]

Welcome, Baby Anabelle!

If you hadn't guessed from total lack of blog posts, I had my baby! :-) Introducing Anabelle Lila! Purple Baby Names Did y'all know that I'm an absolute freak for purple? I love it! All of my girls have names related to the color purple. My first daughter's name is Lydia, who is the bringer of purple cloth in the bible. My second daughter's name is Violet- a little more obvious. Anabelle's … [Read more...]

I’m in Catholic Digest- March 2012!

They've been working on revamping Catholic Digest Magazine, and Danielle Bean wrote me to ask if I was interested in writing an article about celebrating St. Patrick's day. As it turns out I was totally interested! ;-) I've never written for a magazine before. It was interesting to be making St. Patrick's day treats around Thanksgiving- lol. Look- they even mentioned my article on the … [Read more...]

Giveaway Entries and a Family Update!

The giveaways are still open for entries! There were some technical problems early on yesterday, so if you receive the subscriber emails, you need to click to my actual website to enter the giveaways- you can't enter the giveaways straight from your email or your feed reader. Click here to enter the giveaways The winners will be announced on Friday! And don't forget about our First Friday linky … [Read more...]

My Costume

I thought you guys might be interested in seeing the costume I made for myself this year....Yes, I am trying to tell you something with this picture.Think about it...Think about it...Do you get it? I thought it was very obvious, but some of my friends were having trouble.I followed the directions for making this shirt here. I did make a few changes, like mine actually glows in the dark. :-)So for … [Read more...]

First Friday Linky- What have you been working on?

Happy First Friday, everyone! This is the part of the month where I get to see what you've been doing! Is anyone getting ready for school? Getting ready for CCD? Been doing any fun Catholic stuff with your kids? Share your links at the bottom of this post and check out what everyone else has been doing! As most of you know, I haven't had time for many crafts lately with all the work from … [Read more...]

I’m Going to the IHM Conference Tomorrow!

The National Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference is being held in the Northern Virginia area Friday and Saturday (June 10-11) and I'm going! (For anyone who doesn't know, it's a big homeschooling conference for Catholics). The actual conference is only about 20 minutes away from my house, so this decision to attend was a no brainer for me. So check it out- I made myself this super nerdy awesome … [Read more...]

Faith and Family’s Mom’s Day Away

Even though this Catholic mom's day retreat was quite a trip for me, I'm really glad I got to go! I live in the DC area, and the conference was held in Boston, but I have an aunt that lives up there, and I was able to travel with my grandma! So fun road trip with Nana + weekend visit with Aunt Deede + Catholic Mother's Retreat = one fun and exciting weekend for me! :-) Here's a picture of Pat … [Read more...]

My Podcast Interview on Among Women

I was recently interviewed by Pat Gohn for her "Among Women" podcast. For anyone who might not know (and I promise you're not alone) a podcast is an online audio show- in this case an interview. So it's kinda like listening to talk radio. I'd like to get into more Catholic podcast listening since I could listen while cleaning my house and changing diapers. :-) If you'd like to hear my … [Read more...]