Holidays In Handprints- A DIY Christmas Treasury For Catholic Children

I created a printable book that is a special Christmas treasury for Catholic kids, and the pages are illustrated by your child and his or her handprints. :-) (For those of you familiar with my products, it's the Advent/Christmas counterpart to Holy Week In Handprints.) Each handprint picture is designed to be loads of fun, and easy to replicate! Even the youngest of children can participate … [Read more...]

What Are The O Antiphons? – Learning About A Catholic Advent Tradition

The O Antiphons are rich with meaning and make a truly wonderful Catholic tradition! Before you get overwhelmed, I want to start by saying that they do not need any kind of craft or manipulative to participate- you can simply pray and sing them. :-) I'm going to put the roots of them in a nutshell for you (as much as I can). Why they are called the "O Antiphons"? Each night for the octave … [Read more...]

O Antiphon Ideas for Catholic Families- An Advent Tradition

The great thing about the O Antiphons is, they don't start until December 17! That means even if you missed the boat with an Advent wreath or a Jesse tree, you've still got time for this! :-) If you're not familiar with the O Antiphons, or even if you are, I suggest that you read my page all about the O Antiphons before moving on. I want to be very clear that the O Antiphons are not like the … [Read more...]

Food Ideas for O Antiphons

I know we're already one day into the O Antiphons now, (they start December 17), but Catholic Cuisine has an AMAZING post about different foods to make for each of the O Antiphons, starting with these little books for "Wisdom". Jessica has also provided a free printable with each O Antiphon to attach to gold coins. So simple and elegant! Click over to check it out. … [Read more...]

O Antiphons Printable Prayer Companion

Hurry over to O Night Divine to get an amazing prayer companion that you can print for free! The O Antiphons start on December 17- check your calendars, that's today! Go print it now- you still have time! Here's an example of one of the pages. They all include beautiful pictures! My favorite thing about this download? It includes the lyrics to "O Come O Come Emmanuel" on each appropriate … [Read more...]

O Atiphons Ideas

No matter what you may have already missed the boat on this Advent season, the O Antiphons don't start until December 17, so you still have time! If you're wondering "What are the O Antiphons?", click here and read all about them! Basically every day from December 17-24 you highlight the Messiah with a different name, each of them starting with "O" (Ex: O Emmanuel). Here are some ideas for … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Kick Off Advent With a Religious Bang! And a Linky :-)

With all the crazy hussle and bustle of the holidays, it's important not to let this religious time get lost in the secular shuffle. Preparing for Advent early is a great way to make sure you start this season off on the right foot- one that walks towards Him. For kids, Santa can be a pretty tough guy for Jesus to compete with- but I assure you that there is much strength and fun to be found in … [Read more...]

O Antiphons Craft Ideas- Beginning Dec 17

The O Antiphons begin on December 17 and run the week before Christmas- one each day. Each O Antiphon is a different title for the Messiah, and you go through one each day. You can read more about this tradition here. Here are some craft ideas for celebrating these special days! Craft a beautiful O Antiphon House with By Sun and Candlelight. This O Antiphon Craft is made using Altoid … [Read more...]