The Lent Song for Kids

I recently got a fabulous email from a reader, Alexandra Montano, with this adorable Lenten song for kids! She's been using it with her Catholic ABC's program. She said it was ok to share it with all of you here, so I typed it up in a downloadable version you can print for free! :-) Download the Lent Song for Kids Here! It's to the tune of "Frere Jacques" (in English, "Are You Sleeping" or … [Read more...]

Almsgiving Activity for Lent- Get Kids Involved!

I've seen an idea floating around on various websites about collecting food for the poor during Lent. What you do is, put a box somewhere in your kitchen, and every day during Lent, add an item from your pantry to the box. Your kids can help with this, and this can help teach kids about both fasting and almsgiving for Lent! At the end of Lent, take the food you've collected to a food pantry … [Read more...]

Printable Stations of the Cross for Children

It's a great idea to go over the Stations of the Cross with children during Lent. When we find ourselves traveling on Good Friday (to be with family on Easter) I always print a Stations of the Cross booklet to take with us so we can pray them on the drive. Here are some printable resources for the Stations of the Cross that are all free! Here is a free printable stations booklet from Catholic … [Read more...]

Lenten Printables for Daily Reflection with Children

Jennifer from Family in Feast and Feria has some great printables for children this lent! I am very excited about these beautiful (and free) pages she put into printable form. There is one page for every day with prayers, a reflection, and beautiful artwork! These pages could make observing lent with your children easy and meaningful. It's called "Lent for Children. A Thought a Day". Print it … [Read more...]

Holy Week Games and Lesson Plans

Alright, The Catholic Toolbox has so many amazing Holy Week resources that I haven't had time to run yet! Aah! So I'm just going to run them all together real quick ;-) Holy Week Memory Game- free and printable! Find this Holy Week File Folder game and Holy Week Bingo at this post. And find a million (slight exaggeration ;-) Holy Week lesson plan ideas here! Also, find … [Read more...]

Holy Week Coloring Pages and Printables

Who doesn't love printables? (Well, other than your ink cartridge ;-) Lol! These are some great activities for Holy Week, and many of these will work well for in the car for any of you who are traveling! Over at Catholic Mom, find cross word puzzles and word searches for Holy Thurday, Good Friday, and Easter (among other things!)   I love this Holy Week activity for kids! You have … [Read more...]

Palm Sunday Crafts and Ideas for Kids

Palm Sunday is coming up faster than any of us expected! (At least that's the general feel around Catholic Icing's facebook page! ;-) So I thought I better get to posting about it! Ok, I found the most amazing website about palm weaving EVER over on Catechist's Journey. Anthony Parente has a great website about palms- including great tutorials for palm weaving! Palm Sunday (or Passion … [Read more...]

How To Make Resurrection Eggs- 2 Dozen Ideas!

Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipes for kids here! If you've never heard of Resurrection Eggs, they are plastic Easter Eggs with different religious Easter symbols inside to help teach the Easter story to kids. Making my own resurrection eggs was one of the first religious activities I ever did at home. This is great even for young preschoolers! Here are the things I put … [Read more...]

Holy Thursday / Last Supper Craft

Check out all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here. I've been working on a craft here, and I'm so excited to share it with all of you today! It's a Last Supper craft for Holy Thursday, and it's based on the famous Leonardo da Vinci Last Supperpainting. Here's a picture of the completed project: Click to Enlarge Now, here's the beauty- this is super easy to do, and I'm going … [Read more...]

Stations of the Cross Games

I don't know if any of you noticed, but one of my favorite Catholic sites (I Blog Therefore I Am) has changed her name to The Catholic Toolbox! :-) I LOVE this name because it's sooooo fitting! The amount of Catholic lesson plans, activities, and tools of every kind she has compiled seems to be endless. My favorite thing she has on her site is her games- she makes them all herself! Too see a list … [Read more...]