Practicing For First Confession With Kids

We are preparing for First Confession at home this year, and Lydia was growing more nervous as the date was approaching. I thought we could easily eliminate at least the fear of the unknown by simply practicing for her First Reconciliation at home. Above, you can see the pretend confessional we set up to practice at our house. We happen to have one of those decorative room separator things … [Read more...]

How to Draw Grapes and Wheat for Catholic Kids

As promised earlier this week, today I am sharing a how-to-draw-grapes-and-wheat-download with all of you! I love the combination when how-to-draws meet handwriting practice, so I decided to make some printable Catholic packs where your kids can learn to draw Catholic things, practice their penmanship, and learn some facts along the way. :-) In this download, you get a page that teaches … [Read more...]

How to Start a First Holy Communion Journal / Notebook

I have seen first communion notebooks all over the internet, and I think they're a great idea! We happen to do notebooking pages with our homeschooling, so to extend this into First Communion Preparation seemed natural to me. To make it seem a little more personal, we are calling ours a First Holy Communion Journal. First I want to say whether you are homeschooling First Communion, or … [Read more...]

First Holy Communion Prep at Home- Kicking off the Year

My oldest is going to making her First Holy Communion this year, and we are making plans for prepping her at home. Although in most cases your child is required to complete their sacramental religious education at the church, that doesn't mean that we as parents don't also have a responsibility to prepare them at home- we most certainly do! The Catechism says... "The role of the parents in … [Read more...]

Adoration Craft for Catholic Kids

Pope Francis is having the first worldwide hour of Eucharistic Adoration on the feast of Corpus Christi (which means Body of Christ). Corpus Christi is falling on June 2 for 2013- that's this coming Sunday! The Vatican is holding this hour from 5-6 in Rome, and we're all supposed to adjust for our own time zone. Here are the starting times for the worldwide hour of Eucharistic Adoration in the … [Read more...]

Monstrance Craft for Catholic Kids

Find all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here. When my older class at Catholic Schoolhouse made the host and chalice craft, my younger class made these handprint Monstrance crafts. They came out so cute! This would be a great craft for First Communion. Supplies Needed for Monstrance Craft: 1/2 piece of poster board pencil yellow crayon or marker washable yellow … [Read more...]

Host and Chalice Craft for Catholic Kids

Find all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here. I've been teaching art at our local Catholic Schoolhouse chapter, and while we were learning about positive and negative space, I snuck in this host and chalice craft in my older class (kindergarten and up). This would be a great craft for First Communion! Did you pay attention to the negative space? The black should look like 2 faces … [Read more...]

Pray for First Communicants {and a First Communion Link Up!}

Find all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here. Today, we're hosting a First Communion link up, where you get to share your First Communion posts! It's going to be open through the entire Easter season, so share your posts as you write them. :-) This is the finale of the First Communion Promenade series, and you can read the other posts in the series here: First Communion … [Read more...]

First Communion Banner Ideas

Check out all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here. Directly inspired by Angie's post of More than 40 First Communion Banner Examples, I took pictures of the First Communion Banners at our church last year. I'll start with a list of ideas to put on First Communion banners, then move onto the pictures. Your Name The Date of your First Holy Communion Other phrases (see … [Read more...]

14 First Holy Communion Traditions

Check out all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here. Today, I'm kicking off a First Communion blog series- the First Communion Promenade! This week, me and several other bloggers are going to be sharing posts on the topic of First Communion, then on April 15, we will be hosting a blog link up together so everyone can share their posts about First Communion! I'm very excited. … [Read more...]