Soft Manger For Baby Jesus Yarn Craft

It's traditional during Advent for children to have an empty manger for Baby Jesus. Each time they do a good deed, they get to place a piece of "straw" in the manger and make a soft bed for Baby Jesus by Christmas day. Here's a craft you can do for your kids to participate in this fun tradition! Materials Needed To Make This Craft: A popsicle stick (We used the "craft spoons" size, … [Read more...]

Emmanuel Craft for Kids

Catholic ABC's Week: 10 Letter of the week: E  Theme: Emmanuel Saint of the Week: St. Elizabeth Craft: Emmanuel Craft   This craft is so cute and children of just about any age can make it! This Baby Jesus craft would obviously also work well for a Christmas craft. Supplies Needed to Complete this Craft: Popsicle Sticks (we used jumbo popsicle sticks) Shredded crumple paper … [Read more...]