Cross Craft for Preschoolers- A Bible Craft for the Letter C

Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipies for kids here! We are continuing on our Bible Alphabet Crafts series, and this week we made crosses for the letter C. As I've mentioned before, my preschool class is very young (1 and 2 year olds) so I'm always looking for very simple things for them to do, and I came up with this: Supplies Needed: White Card Stock Blue … [Read more...]

Fun and Easy Cross Craft for Kids

Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipies for kids here! We tried our hand at salt  paintings, and it was so much fun! Easy, fast, and seriously... did I mention fun?! To say that the children were delighted would be an understatement!   This craft can be done with all ages- from preschoolers through adults! (Yes, even I had a lot of fun making this one!) You … [Read more...]

How to Bead a Cross (Fun Christian Craft!)

These beaded crosses are a great craft for kids! This classic christian craft is fun anytime- Vacation bible school (VBS), CCD, Sunday school, or at home. I have a little trick that makes these especially easy for kids to make. (I recommend this craft for 6 year olds and older.) Supplies Needed: Pony Beads String (we used plastic string) Glue Dots (these make this craft super … [Read more...]

Dogwood Flower Craft {To Go With the Legend of the Dogwood!}

Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipies for kids here! We've been working on some Dogwood flower crafts to go along with The Legend of the Dogwood tree during this Easter season. Check out this dogwood flower cross craft! These simple dogwood flowers were made out of cardboard egg carton cups by my 5 year old. (Note: I don't think this craft will work with styrofoam egg … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Candy Cross Pops!

Check out all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here. Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipies for kids here! I've been seeing diy jolly rancher pops around the internet, and the wheels in my brain started turning.  I was sure you could easily make these into crosses, and it turns out, I was right! There was a learning curve to figuring out how to make these into … [Read more...]

Meatless Lenten Meal for Kids

We made this super easy Lenten lunch last Friday, and the kids really loved it! It's amazing how 30 seconds of work can dazzle kids. This would be a perfect, simple lunch to serve on Good Friday (or Ash Wednesday, or any Friday during Lent really). This could not have been easier to do. Make your kids some peanutbutter sandwiches- whatever your family likes. (You know, pb & jelly, pb … [Read more...]

Christ the King Craft

Catholic ABC's Week: 16 Letter of the week: K Theme: King (Jesus is King or Christ the King) Saint of the Week: Blessed Kateri Craft: Jesus is King I knew I wanted to make "K" week about Jesus being king, but coming upwith a craft was harder than I thought it would be! I wanted it to be aclearly religious king craft. There are already so many secular kingcrafts out there, so there's no … [Read more...]

Know Your Catholic ABC’s?

Find the Free Catholic Preschool Curriculum Here. This year, I am teaching my son's class for our preschool co-op, and I'm really excited! You should be excited, too. Want to know why? Because I'm going to be posting it here for all of you. Want to follow along with your kids? You got it! The curriculum will be for preschoolers, but a lot of the crafts/food etc will be great for elementary aged … [Read more...]