Craft a Nativity Set

I couldn't help but share a round up of different nativity sets you can craft! I wish I could make them all! Little Catholic nativity fact- St. Francis created the first nativity scene. Isn't that really cool?! Ok, here are some nativity crafts from around the internet: Super easy block nativity from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar!   Make Nativity Hand Puppets with … [Read more...]

Advent Wreath Craft for Kids

I've been crafting Advent wreaths with my preschool co-op, my own children, and, well, pretty much every Catholic child that I come in contact with! :-) As I'm sure you can instantly tell, this advent wreath is child sized, and crafted with pink and purple birthday candles. This is a great way to have fun with kids for advent! These wreaths can be made for about a dollar a piece. The … [Read more...]

Make Pink and Purple Advent Candles

As anyone who follows my facebook page knows, I've had trouble finding pink and purple candles for Advent this year. But really, this is nothing new- it's hard every year. Sure, I could order them, but crafting them for super cheap is more my style ;-) Updated to Say... I made some new Advent candles with crayons by melting them over my candles with a hair dryer! Check it out … [Read more...]

O Jesse Tree, O Jesse Tree… How Crafty are Your Branches!

Jesse Trees are a great way to celebrate Advent and Keep Christ in Christmas! (Along with quite a few of His relatives). If you don't have a Jesse Tree yet, then you're in the same boat as I am! You can print, craft, or buy your ornaments. Any guesses as to which I'm going to do? While you ponder on that, here are some ideas to check out: Vee over at Paper Dali has a really cute set of Printable … [Read more...]

Emmanuel Craft for Kids

Catholic ABC's Week: 10 Letter of the week: E  Theme: Emmanuel Saint of the Week: St. Elizabeth Craft: Emmanuel Craft   This craft is so cute and children of just about any age can make it! This Baby Jesus craft would obviously also work well for a Christmas craft. Supplies Needed to Complete this Craft: Popsicle Sticks (we used jumbo popsicle sticks) Shredded crumple paper … [Read more...]

Mary, Mother of God Craft

January 1 is a Holy day of Obligation- Mary, Mother of God. I found this art project on That Artist Woman, and thought it would be a wonderful thing to do for this special day! Isn't this just a beautiful portrayal of Mother Mary? :-) Click for full Directions on Project *This project calls for the use of oil pastels. If you don't have any of these, crayons will resist also, but be sure to … [Read more...]

Feast of the Holy Family- Sunday after Christmas

The Feast of the Holy Family is falling on December 27th this year. To read more about this day, click here. Here's a craft idea from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. She gives detailed directions on how to make your own miniature holy family.   That Artist Woman made Holy Family Plates with her class. Enjoy these little diy nativity crafts! … [Read more...]

Soft Manger for Baby Jesus

A fairly common Christmas tradition amongst all Christians is to have a manger for Baby Jesus with a pile of straw. Every time your kids do a good deed, they get to add a piece of straw to the manger to make a soft bed for baby Jesus. I just found a great craft with a printable manger and baby Jesus so you can make one of your very own! *Updated to say* I now have a better round up of manger … [Read more...]

DIY Mary on Donkey Silhouette

Waltzing Matilda posted a beautiful tutorial on how to make your own silhouette of Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem. Click here for the how-to. Click here to see her breathtaking mantel display. … [Read more...]

O Antiphons Craft Ideas- Beginning Dec 17

The O Antiphons begin on December 17 and run the week before Christmas- one each day. Each O Antiphon is a different title for the Messiah, and you go through one each day. You can read more about this tradition here. Here are some craft ideas for celebrating these special days! Craft a beautiful O Antiphon House with By Sun and Candlelight. This O Antiphon Craft is made using Altoid … [Read more...]