Catholic December and January Calendar Stick-Ons

Let me tell go ahead and say that we have been having a rough month around here. I'm way behind on life (for various reasons), and for the last week or so everyone in my family has had a stomach bug. So yes, I know this post is late, but I've been a little out-of-it. Plus, any of you that have the Advent Christmas Planner have had these calendar stick-ons from the beginning. ;-) You can … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Liturgical Year in November- With Free Calendar Printables

It is my goal here at Catholic Icing to help you actually live your Catholic faith with your children- not to just fill your Pinterest boards with great ideas that never get utilized. I am a mother, just like you. I understand how overwhelming it can be. I know that nothing ever actually gets removed from the mother's "to-do" list. It only gets moved back to the bottom of the list to be done … [Read more...]

Lent- Liturgical Calendar Stick-ons For Kids

I have had so many requests to continue my calendar stick-ons, which is great, because that means you guys are using them. Yay! :-) You can read more about how to use the Liturgical Calendar stick-ons and why I’m creating them here. The quick version is: Print them and glue them onto your calendar with a glue stick. Only put on  your calendar what you actually want on your calendar, and … [Read more...]