How To Draw A Chalk Pastel Nativity {Leonardo da Vinci Style}

Through our Charlotte Mason method of education, we study 3 artists per year, and we are currently studying Leonardo da Vinci. I thought I would share our Christmas project with you- a nativity drawn in da Vinci's style. This projects is very easy and simple, so no stress on mom. ;-) Supplies Needed To Draw Your Own Nativity: Brown paper (We used cut up grocery bags. You could … [Read more...]

Living Art Lessons- Art History, Art Appreciation, Art Production

Art Lessons For Kids By Artist This is a directory where I keep links to all of my Art lessons sorted by artist. Through the Charlotte Mason method, we study 3 artists and 3 composers per year. I have the composers we studied paired with the artists we did at the same time because sometimes we had overlap, but you can pair them however you choose. I also have them listed here in the order … [Read more...]