Craft Ornaments for the Saints of Advent

Here are some really neat Catholic Christmas Ornaments I have found around blog land: I found these Advent Saint Ornaments over on O Night Divine. These are a must see! Sweetness and Light made cute saint ornaments for a special Saint Christmas tree. It celebrates feast days from advent to the epiphany! Eileen on Him crafted Saints of the Season ornaments. Ten Kids and a Dog turned … [Read more...]

St. Lucia Day- Dec 13

St. Lucy (or Santa Lucia)'s feast day is coming up on December 13. Part of the legend of St. Lucy is that she was bringing supplies to the Christians hiding down in the catacombs, but she didn't have enough hands to hold her light, so she fashioned a wreath of candles to wear on her head so she could carry double the load! To read more about St. Lucy Day, click here. For ideas to celebrate St. … [Read more...]

Our Lady of Guadalupe- Dec 12

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is coming up on December 12. Here are some fun ways others have celebrated this day! Check our this tutorial for Our Lady of Guadalupe Tin Ornaments from O Night Divine. Celebrate by making a Mexican Eye of God Craft with these directions. Cottage Blessings had an amazing Our Lady of Guadalupe Tea! Many great ideas here including San Juan … [Read more...]

St. Nicholas Day Shoe Stuffing Ideas

Don't forget to put your shoes out on Dec 5! St. Nicholas Day is just around the corner! Here's some ideas of things ol' St. Nick can fill those shoes with ;-) This year, I had a different idea to symbolize the golden dowry St. Nicholas leaves than the typical chocolate chocolate golden coins. I'm using old fashioned candy buttons! You can find them at your local drugstore, and easily cut … [Read more...]

Immaculate Conception Coloring Sheet

Alright everyone, here comes my coloring sheet debut! The first coloring sheet I've ever drawn is (drum roll please)... The Immaculate Conception! The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is coming up on December 8. I'm hoping for this coloring sheet to convey the message that this day is celebrating the conception of Mary herself, and not her conception of Jesus. This is a very common … [Read more...]

Feast of St. Ambrose- Dec 7

St. Ambrose's feast day is coming up. Here's a compilation of ideas for his feast day celebration! :-) Try this Sweet Beehive Cake from Family Fun. I just love the little bee cookies that go with this cake!!! O Night Divine had this adorable craft... beeswax ornaments! :-) Ramblings of a Crazy Woman has a cute Preschooler bumble bee craft project. I found this egg carton bee craft for … [Read more...]