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Black Catholic History Awareness Month (Books And Resources)

Did you know that the month of November is Black Catholic History Awareness Month? Because I didn't! But it's always great to learn something new! I am so happy to have an opportunity to shine a spotlight on some very amazing black Catholics including Saints, Venerables, and even Mary apparitions. You can find all my resources on November feast days here. Let's take a look at how we can observe … [Read more...]

Catholic How To Draw: Advent Wreath

This week for my Catholic how to draw video, I shared how to draw an Advent wreath! I am really excited about this one, as I think kids will really enjoy learning how to draw an Advent wreath step by step. Also, when kids draw things themselves, it helps them remember. So after they draw this, they may remember how many candles an Advent wreath has, what color they are, etc. I planned it out to … [Read more...]

Big Fun for Catholic Kids! {and a giveaway!}

When I was at the IHM Conference, I got to catch up with Frances from Illuminated Ink. She has become a true friend! I really love the resources her company provides for Catholic children, and I've written about her grotto craft kits here before. When I asked her what was new this year, she showed me these gigantic posters for Catholic children! I will admit (even though I know Frances … [Read more...]

Catholic Preschool Curriculum – Catholic ABCs

Catholic ABCs: Exciting Update! The well-loved preschool curriculum, Catholic ABCs, is being converted to a full online curriculum!  The new program, which is a partnership with Angie Kauffman from Real Life at Home, was launched on August 8, 2022, with the rest of the program rolling out each month between September to December 2022.     The program is more inclusive than … [Read more...]

Mini Saint Information Fill-in Page for Children

This is a printable page I made that even small children can use to fill out basic information about any saint. You could also call this a Saint notebooking page, or a Saint writing prompt. We called ours a mini-Saint report.  Basically, you can print the blank page, and the student fills in the information on whatever saint they need to. Child Fills In: The Saint's name … [Read more...]

Saint Feast Days In March (And Other Days To Celebrate With Kids)

I love coming up with fun and creative ways to celebrate the church year with kids, and March is full of fun Saint feast days to celebrate! Some of these feast days include St. Patrick's Day, Saints Perpeta and Felicity, and includes a lot of Lenten days. The month of March is also dedicated to Saint Joseph. You can find all of my month to month post on living liturgically here. Now let’s look at … [Read more...]

Staycation Ideas (That Are Actually Fun And EASY For Families With Kids)

I tried to look up some fun staycation ideas for this summer since we are doing a lot of staying home and limiting our access to people due to the pandemic. You know what I found? People telling me to clean out my closets and visit "virtual" museums online. Ok, gotta say... I was hoping to find something more fun than organizing my home and staring at a screen. I mean the whole idea of playing … [Read more...]

Printable Mary Statue Craft For Kids (And Optional Flower Crowns!)

Honoring Mary is a big part of the Catholic faith, and traditionally you will find Mary statues in Catholic homes, churches, schools, etc. They can be inside or outside, they can be part of a Mary garden, they can be beside the altar- anywhere really! Whether or not you have a Mary statue yourself, now you kids can have their very own, and all you need is a printer! Check it out- a printable Mary … [Read more...]

Homeschool Tips For Non-Homeschoolers During Coronavirus School Closings

Sometimes we have to homeschool when we least expect it, and with schools closing all over the world for Coronavirus prevention, parents that didn't expect to be in the educational driver's seat currently find themselves at the wheel. I homeschooled for 7 years and have now moved my kids in public/charter school for the last 4 years, and I would love to share with you some great homeschool tips … [Read more...]

Homeschool To Public School: The Pros And Cons Of Each (From A Real Mom)

Ever wondered what it would be like to switch from homeschooling to public school? Well, we did it. And I'm here to share the real scoop. I started homeschooling my oldest for preschool when she was 2, and homeschooled her (and her 3 siblings) for 8 years total. They had never been to a brick-and-mortar school. Due to some life changes here, I made a very sudden decision to put them in school. … [Read more...]