Printable Lenten Calendar for Kids

Welcome to Catholic Icing! This is my Printable Lenten Calendar for Kids. It’s free for everyone to print- just click the link below. It runs from Ash Wednesday through Easter, and it’s good for every year. Also, be sure to check out all my other Lenten resources for children!

This Lenten calendar for children has been my all time most popular post on Catholic Icing! It’s been translated into many languages, and used by kids all over the world.

*Translations of my Lenten Calendar*

One of my readers changed the Lenten calendar up a bit to work for the Byzantine Catholic church! Isn’t that cool? You can visit her blog, The Whole Trouble Is for a printable Lenten calendar for Eastern Catholics. Also, Xhonane from Familia Catolica translated it into Spanish, so the Spanish Lenten Calendar is also available to print for free. How awesome is that?!

If you would like to translate it into another language, just be sure you let me know and link back to Catholic Icing giving credit for the original source. I would love to include your link for others to use! :-)

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  1. Mommy of 3 says

    I really enjoyed this! I am printing as we speak. This is a great resource for the kids and a great way to follow Lent. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The Fischer Family says

    Hi Lacey! I am really excited about this! I wanted to tell you I saw Catholic Icing mentioned in Catechist magazine this month. I was so excited and squealed "I read that every day!!!" I hope that brings you more traffic to your wonderful and inspiring site! God bless you and your family!

  3. Jamie Jo says

    I voted! Can we vote more than once?

    Thanks for the link and reminder of what to get ready….lent will come fast!

  4. Xhonane Olivas says

    I just shared your calendar in my post yesterday and I was thinking I wish you had that in Spanish, but now that you shared the one in Italian maybe I should try to translate it myself, if I have time! Congratulations!!

  5. Lucy says

    When I try to print this Lenten calendar, it only prints the top portion. No one else here seems to be having that problem…

  6. Candace says

    thank you thank you! I have used this in the past and am happy to see the reminder and print it off again for this year!! I love it!

  7. Megan says

    Awesome, awesome, awesome, I really love the lapbook idea! Thanks for all your inspiration and for making it all so cute!!

  8. Mama Bear, JD says

    Just printed it! I see I am not the only one gearing up for Lent….this is great! Thanks for the lapbook link too!

    I voted for you last week, even though I am really fond of some of the other blogs – but I have to say I get more out of this blog than all the others!

  9. Anonymous says

    Hi Lacey! Thank you for sharing this! I really hope you don't mind if I translate your calendar to spanish. I think it's a masterpiece and my little friends will definitely learn so much from it.
    bobo (blessings and hugs)

  10. Kristi says

    Lucy–I did the same thing. Make sure you have the whole document up then print.

    Lacey-We have one of these in a picture frame from last year. It will be on our family altar again. I printed some out for the kiddos to color. My daughter was asking about the fish. So it was a great way to introduce her to the practice of eatting fish during Lent. BTW— She says thank you:)

  11. Anonymous says

    Thanks! using this for our Sunday school..I'm sure they will love it!! And saved us some money, which is always great!!

  12. Tamatha says

    LOVE this calendar idea! My kids are excited to use it, and I feel that it will help me in my own Lenten journey. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Ryan says

    I'm sorry, I feel a little slow but you wrote that the calendar is good for this year but aren't St. Patrick day too late and March since we are starting in Lent in March this year. I don't know how to edit it before I print out.

  14. bibliobethica says

    Oh, thank you. I'm so glad I found your Catholic blog!!!! I'm using this starting Wed., March 9. Ryan, you don't need to change the numbers. They represent the 40 days of lent, not the numbers on a calendar. Hope that helps (i.e. #1 will be colored on Wednesday, March 9, 2011).

  15. Ryan says

    I'm still confused. Isn't St. Patrick's day day 8 of Lent this year? But the calendar has it at day 29. Can someone help before I print.

  16. wahoo_mom says

    We used your Lenten calendar for our CCD lesson this evening. Imagine my surprise when my younger son came home with the same thing! Just proves that great minds think alike. Thank you for everything that you do to education us!

  17. Catequese Kids says

    Hi Lacy! I´m wrinting from Brazil and I really LOVE your idea. I will print and use in my catechism classes. Congratulations on your blog! This is the first catholic blog that I have seen in English!
    Thank You.

  18. Layse - BRAZIL says

    Hi Lacy! I´m wrinting from Brazil and a really LOVE this calendary. I will print and use in the cathecism classes in my city. Congratulations on your blog, there are excelent ideas…
    Thank You!!

  19. Emily says

    This is really nice! Do you think you could make an Advent Calendar? The ones that they sell in the stores all have 24 days, and Advent is amywhere between 22 and 28 days long, so these are not true Advent calendars. Just something to think about.

    • Lacy says

      I think about this EVERY YEAR! So true… it changes every year. The Lenten calendar would always work, but I’d have to update the advent calendar. We’ll see. :-)

  20. says

    I cannot wait to ACTUALLY use this this year! I downloaded it and even printed it last year and just never quite got around to it, but this year I am bound and determined to use it with the lapbook idea. :) Keep up the amazing work!

  21. says

    Also, just a quick note: I plan on adding in some of the major saint feast days, both cultural and liturgical. For example, we’re Irish, so St. Patrick’s Day is big, even in Lent and the Feast of St. Joseph is a major Church feast regardless of culture, even in Lent. Just a thought to share :)

  22. Michinori Mano says

    I have translated it into Japanese and adapted it for our Sunday School. Thank you so much! (Nagasaka St. Mary’s Church, Yokohama Diocese, Anglican-Episcopal Church in Japan)

  23. Diane says

    Hi Lacy,

    You’re website is great! Could you give me some ideas on how to use the calendar? The one idea that comes to mind is coloring a square for each day. Is this how you’d use it?

  24. Bethany Grover says

    I may be revealing my ignorance here, but aren’t there 40 days betweeen Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday, not Easter Sunday? I mean, shouldn’t Palm Sunday be Day 40 and then Holy Week is 41-46 (or 47 if you number Easter) or something like that?

    • says

      No, there’s more. Isn’t that interesting? I didn’t know until I designed this calendar actually. The Sundays really don’t “count”.

  25. says

    Oh my GOODNESS! I’m DOUBLY glad I found your site! Totally linking you through my blog if you don’t mind. How fabulous! Your site is such a wonderful resource!!! Blessings to you!

    I can’t wait to utilize this for my class tonight – how lucky to have happened across this just in time for class tonight! The Holy Spirit has been kind to me! Thank you!

  26. Bethany B. says

    I found you through Pinterest and am so excited to use this calendar with my son this year!!! Thank you SO much for sharing this with us!!!

  27. Diane says

    Hi Lacy,

    Thank you for the added suggestion. To my delight, our child’s Catholic kinder teacher actually gave your calendar out to her whole class (though she changed out some of the pics). The idea she gave the kids is the following: They colored the calender except for all the squares. Then, for each day of lent, they get to color a square and think of something they can do for God that day. Examples: obeying your mom and dad right away (we REALLY like that one!), giving up treats, playing a game that your sibling likes to play, etc… I have really loved the way the teacher uses your calendar! :)

  28. Nicole Morin Kramer says

    I love your printable Lenten calendar. I am currently doing placement for my bachelor of education, and I have been using it with my grade 4 class. It has been the perfect focus for Lent. Every day for bell work, the students fill out a square on the calendar with a Lenten activity they have performed. It serves as the focal point for Lenten reflection. Thank you!

  29. Sonja Campbell says

    I printed this out to teach my kids more about Lent. They really liked coloring the pictures around the calendar the first day and every day we color in another day for Lent. Since I can’t homeschool them, I get my homeschooling “fix” by doing crafts and activities with them at home after school and on the weekends when I can. Thanks for all of these great Catholic resources. Catholic Icing has helped me so much in teaching my sons about their faith.

  30. Laura Emmerling says

    Hi Lacy!
    Thank you so much for your beautiful Lenten Countdown Calendar! I took your idea and turned it into bulletin board where my first graders can track our Lenten Journeys together. They also keep personal track, using your print out. Thank you so much for all of your great ideas!

  31. says

    Hi Lacy

    I followed this link from another blogger (Nicole from Just Like Mary) and I just wanted you to know there’s one more person using your calendar…thank you so very much! It is always nice to meet another Catholic blogger and I look forward to reading more.

    God bless!

  32. Kim H says

    I have used this calendar for 2 years – but I’ve taken it a step further and have each student follow my instructions for coloring. I use it as a tool to explain Lent and ask questions along the way:

    1. Color all the fish GREEN:
    a. What days do fish appear on the calendar?
    b. What does it mean? What does Fast and Abstain mean?

    2. Color all Sunday’s YELLOW:
    a. Why aren’t Sunday’s included in the 40 days of Lent?
    b. Color Palm Sunday yellow, too.

    3. Leave Holy Thursday, Holy Saturday and Easter WHITE:
    a. What color vestments are worn on those days?

    4. Color all the days 2 through 37 PURPLE:
    a. What does the color purple symbolize?

    5. Color the words “Lent” and “40 Days” BLUE:
    a. What is the significance of the number 40?

    6. Color Ash Wednesday BROWN:
    a. What does putting ashes on our foreheads mean?
    b. Why do we fast from meat and abstain from full meals on this day?
    c. What are ashes made out of?

    7. Outline Palm Sunday and color Good Friday RED:
    a. Why does Palm Sunday have red around it?
    b. Why is Good Friday red?

    8. Color the “beads” of Holy Week ORANGE:

    9. Color the “beads of Triduum BLUE:
    a. What does Triduum mean?

  33. Gwendoline says

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the awesome Lenten Countdown Calendar. It is exactly what my daughter and I were after. What a fantastic way for children to understand and appreciate the process of the Lenten journey. My daughter and I absolutely love CATHOLICICING.COM. Keep up the great work and for sharing such great Catholic resources with the rest of us. God bless you all. xox

  34. says

    Thank you so much for this adorable Lenten calendar! I am the Children’s Ministries Director at Hebron UMC and I will be sticking copies of these in all our kid’s worship bags this Wednesday. :)

  35. Kim says

    Thanks for the Lenten calendar. I am a convert and tools like your calendar make my faith journey SO much more meaningful! L:ove your site,too!

  36. Amanda Smith says

    Thanks for this – last year I used it with my choir kids – we were working on a song about giving of ourselves for Lent. They took it home with the goal of doing a good deed for someone each day. As a reward, their parent gave them a nickel for each good deed which they taped to the calendar. At Easter, we collected the calendars and used the money to purchase Spanish Bibles which we sent on a mission trip to South America.

    This year I’m going to use them to talk about, instead of giving up something for God, giving God something. Each day I want them to focus on giving God their love by setting aside a special prayer time. After they pray, they can tape a coin on the calendar. On Easter I’ll have them give their offering to God by putting their coin-covered calendar into the offering plate.


  37. says

    I had forgotten I had this pinned, until someone else repinned it! I was trying to come up with a “daily” project, and I already had one! When my son received ashes yesterday, the extraordinary minister simply said, “Follow Jesus,” and I wanted to tie into that. This is perfect!

  38. Kate says

    Is there any Palm Sunday Activities? I want to teach my first graders about lent. I wanted a picture with words that I can easily explain to them about Palm Sunday

  39. Cindy Coleman says

    I have been using this in my religious education classes for the last few years and haven’t yet found a truly successful way for the kids to list/reflect what they had done each day….anyone have some ideas to share please? I have them glue it into a manila file folder, then color and cut out a picture of Jesus to adorn the front of the folder.


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