Prayer Activities, Crafts, Games and More!

We all know that during lent, we focus on prayer, fasting, and alms-giving. Here are some fun ways to help children understand prayer and to encourage them to pray more often.

On I Blog Therefore I Am, find these Prayer lesson plans and ideas for Pre K-K. This adorable Prayer Bear is just the tip of the iceberg for cute prayer ideas! Also find vocabulary, children’s prayer songs, crafts, games, snacks, coloring pages, and more!

I found this adorable prayer book at Toddler Activities at Home.
I love this prayer intention board from Catholic Family Vignettes!
 Over at His Mercy is New, I found this prayer journal
for kids. I love it because she puts pictures 
on every page to show a prayer intention!

Here’s a cute idea for a prayer garden from Two Shades of Pink.

activity with Holy Experience

I Blog Therefore I Am never disappoints! She has lots of prayer ideas and links, plus she created these Hail Mary and Lord’s Prayer games, and you can download them and print them for free! Her games are always fun and educational :-) 

Holy Heroes


  1. Amazing_Grace says

    Thank you for featuring me on your fantastic blog. It's amazing all the things you find on the internet and share with others. :)

  2. Cathy says

    Lacy, you always have such great stuff on here! I actually have a request. It doesn't exactly fit into any liturgical season, but I was wondering if you've ever done a post with responsibility charts? My 5 year old daughter and I are working on that virtue this month, and I wanted to print something for her to put on the wall, but I haven't found anything I like. I'm working on making one for her, but I figured I'd see if you had anything before I re-invented the wheel =) Thanks!!!

  3. Kristi says

    I discovered your blog this week. I already ran out of printer ink. When I get some more ink cartridges I will be back:)

  4. Two Shades of Pink says

    Hey Sweet Lacy!
    Thank you so much for featuring my prayer garden. Spring is coming and I need to implement this idea again for both my girls. I will grab your cutie patootie button too! You are awesome!

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