Manger Crafts – Nesting for Baby Jesus

A great activity for kids to do during Advent is have a manger forBaby Jesus. Every time they do a good deed or make a sacrifice, theyget to add a piece of straw to the manger so that by Christmas day,Baby Jesus has a nice soft bed to lay on! So take your manger and… what do you mean you don’t have a manger?! Well, I guess you’ll just have to craft one!

You can craft Baby Jesus and a Manger
with Family Fun.

Kaboose has directions for making this Manger Craft.

Find directions for crafting this manger on
Sunday School Network.

Our Little Catholic Corner used socks to
make their Baby Jesus!

Over on A Holy Experience, Ann has a twist on this idea!
Her family plants seeds with each good deed and plucks
the sprouts for Jesus on Christmas. Find the details here.

We are nesting for you, Baby Jesus! Can’t wait to see your glorious face on Christmas day!


  1. His glorious face, indeed. thanks for these wonderful crafts Lacy. I think for sure we will do the first one, and add pieces of straw for every sacrifice and good act.

  2. I still have to work on my post with my yard sale find but one of them is a manger/crib (not sure if that's what it originally was) and was planning on doing the straw idea. I am also planning to emphasize the St Therese "little things" to my boys, ie. "I ate 3 bites of green beans even though i dont like them" or "I drank water instead of juice", etc. I am also checking out that baby Jesus made from socks since we now need a baby and I have no daughters to lend me one! lol 😉

  3. love the Catholic artwords Jesus in the manger. Hope the link is working soon!

  4. Hi what a wonderful site you have. It’s great to see the great things you have posted. I wanted to write quickly because one of your readers contacted me about the link to the envelope manger. I told her I had to take it down, because the original person contacted me asking me to remove it. When we made the craft the teacher wasn’t sure where she got it so I didn’t have the original owner. I was not even allowed to link to the original site either and I forget what it was. So, I just wanted to let you know that the link for that will not work.

    Thanks so much for the mention.

  5. The baby Jesus in the manger envelope craft comes from my web site. It was created by me. I noticed you have a link to a web site that no longer works and copied the craft from my web site. Please correct this link and put a link back to my web site. According to my copyright regluations you must state that the craft comes from Danielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities and link back to my web site for the directions. The craft comes from this page of my web site:

    My copyright regulations are on this page:

    • It’s an old post, and I didn’t know the link was broken. I actually took it down because I didn’t want to leave the other person’s picture up with a link to your site. Great project, though, and I love your site! I understand about protecting your work. God bless, and thanks for all you put online! 🙂

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