Free Mary Printables for Kids

Here’s a round-up of Marian Printables. There’s still some time in May (Our Lady’s Month) to have fun with these, but really Mary stuff is fun year round 😉
Check out these Mary Feast Days Coloring Sheets
from Friends of Jesus and Mary! There are 2 pages:
Here’s a Mary and Baby Jesus coloring page from Real Life at Home:
Mary and Baby Jesus Coloring Page from Real Life at Home
I love this Printable Mary Paper Doll!
Also from Friends of Jesus and Mary:
There are also 3 pages of coloring pages telling the
Story of Mary’s Life at Friends of Jesus and Mary:

Here is a Hail Mary Word Search printable from Real Life at Home:
Hail Mary Word Search Printable



You can print this Hail Mary Sheet from
The Catholic Toolbox. Scroll down to “Hail Mary Coloring”.
I love the way this sheet breaks down the prayer for kids!

Here are a set of Mary Coloring Pages from The Kennedy Adventures:
Mary Coloring Pages
These free printables will make everyone happy- until you drain your ink cartridge, that is!


  1. Way to go Lacy! Ater making copies for all my kids and godchildren I will need to go buy more paper;)

  2. Amazing_Grace says:

    WOW! Lots of great printables here!!!!! 🙂

  3. Dear Lacy,
    Great round up of colouring pics thanks for that!

    BTW I have an award for you on my blog

  4. Martianne @ Training Happy Hearts says:

    I wish I had checked back to your site earlier in May as I was focusing on Mary with the kids. Great stuff in this post. Thank you. I will save the ideas for next yaar or for later in this liturgical year. Also, I wanted to offer you the link to the 3-part sequencing cards I made for my children about the life of Mary. They are at

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