Free Mary Printables for Kids

Here’s a round up of Marian Printables. There’s still some time in May (Our Lady’s Month) to have fun with these, but really Mary stuff is fun year round 😉
Check out these Mary Feast Days Coloring Sheets
from Friends of Jesus and Mary! There are 2 pages.
I love this Printable Mary Paper Doll!
Also from Friends of Jesus and Mary.
There are also 3 pages of coloring pages telling the
Story of Mary’s Life at Friends of Jesus and Mary.

Here’s and Adorable Printable Hail Mary page.

Actually, the Hail Mary Sheet is only one of
22 different Printable Mary Activities there!

You can print this Hail Mary Sheet from
The Catholic Toolbox. Scroll down to “Hail Mary Coloring”.
I love the way this sheet breaks down the prayer for kids!

These free pintables will make everyone happy- until you drain your ink cartridge, that is!


  1. Way to go Lacy! Ater making copies for all my kids and godchildren I will need to go buy more paper;)

  2. Amazing_Grace says:

    WOW! Lots of great printables here!!!!! 🙂

  3. Dear Lacy,
    Great round up of colouring pics thanks for that!

    BTW I have an award for you on my blog

  4. Martianne @ Training Happy Hearts says:

    I wish I had checked back to your site earlier in May as I was focusing on Mary with the kids. Great stuff in this post. Thank you. I will save the ideas for next yaar or for later in this liturgical year. Also, I wanted to offer you the link to the 3-part sequencing cards I made for my children about the life of Mary. They are at