Scripture Craft For St. Valentine’s Day- Fun and Easy!

I’m still working on our interdenominational Christian ABC crafts for my homeschool co-op, and it’s time for the letter Q. Now, Q is a tricky letter to come up with a craft for, (in Catholic ABC’s we make a Queen Mary craft) but my friend Stacy helped me out with an idea that goes with Q, and works well for St. Valentine’s feast day as well.

scripture valentine's day craft for kids- bible verse on heart

Supplies Needed:

  • Q tips
  • Red and pink tempera paint
  • White card stock
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • White Glue

bible verse valentine craft

The Q is for the following Bible verse:

“Deep waters cannot Quench love, nor floods sweet it away.” – Song of Songs 8:7

I made a printable sheet of this verse that you’re welcome to use, or if you’re not concerned with the letter Q you can use any love Bible verses that you’d like. :-)

To continue with the Q theme, the Valentines are also painted with Q-tips. This is so much fun for kids!

Put the paint on paper plates with several Q-tips in each color. Cover your table with something to protect it. Cut 2 hearts from each piece of cardstock, and let the kids paint the hearts however their little hearts desire!

q tip painting with preschoolers

 This is a great craft for kids of all ages! You can make the hearts fade from red to pink…

q tip painting valentine scripture craft

…use the dots to make patterns…

q tip painting with kids- fun

… make little pictures with the dots…

religious valentine craft

or any other style you like! :-)

easy saint valentine's day craft

Be sure to cut lots of hearts out when you begin because your kids are going to like painting quite a few of these!

Allow the hearts to dry and add your love themed Bible verse. You can also glue a piece of ribbon to the back so these can hang.

scripture valentine craft- paint heart with bible verse

When we made these with my preschool class, the ribbon was glued on the back in advance. Although my class is kinda young to make patterns or anything, they still had a blast making these!

scripture valentine craft for kids

Be sure to check out my other St. Valentine’s Day resources below.

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Christian Craft For St. Valentine’s Day- Open The Eyes Of My Heart, Lord!

We’re still plugging along with our Christian ABC’s series, and I needed a Bible craft for the letter “O”. I decided to make a craft that goes along with a Christian song! (Pretend I’m singing this to you now, Ok?) “Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, open the eyes of my heart. I want to see you…. I want to see you!” How was my singing voice? ;-)

open the eyes of my heart craft- religious valentine's craft for kids

Supplies Needed:

  • Construction paper (red or pink and a contrasting color)
  • Large googily eyes
  • School Glue
  • Black marker
  • Craft embellishments (glitter, jewels, buttons, sequence, whatever)

Start by folding your red or pink paper in half and cutting a heart. (I cut ours out ahead of time because I teach preschool.) Give the kids some bottles of glue, and your fun craft embellishments, and let them have a good time!

open the eyes of my heart craft 8

open the eyes of my heart craft 2

Add the giant googily eyes, also with your school glue. Then you can glue it onto a full piece of construction paper. Let the kids choose their favorite color.

open the eyes of my heart lord- Christian craft for Valentine's day
Write in “Open The Eyes Of My Heart” and add a smile with your black marker. So simple and cute! I accented the “O” in our version so the parents of my preschool class would know this was our letter craft this week.

These were fun, and it’s nice to have some religious crafts to do for Valentine’s day. I will be posting another Christian Valentine’s craft soon, so stay tuned! :-)

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Saint Valentine’s Day Countdown Craft

Last year, I came out with this fun countdown chain for kids. It’s free and printable. There are 14 scripture verses that are all about love- one on each strip of paper. You make it into a chain, and each day in February tear one off and read it until St. Valentine’s feast day on February 14!

valentine countdown chain

This just prints in black- you feed red and pink paper through your printer if desired. That’s right, I am even looking out for your ink cartridges. ;-) Last year this download was free only for subscribers, but this year it’s free for everyone! Here’s the link!

Printable Valentine Countdown Calendar for Kids

My kids loved this last year- we’re definitely doing it again this year! Read this post about how to use and assemble this craft.

If you like this, it would be really great  if you would help me spread the word before February 1st. If you would like to share this link on facebook or pinterest, I would really appreciate it! Check the little icons at the bottom of the post to help you do that more easily. :-)

More St. Valentine’s Day Fun!

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Printable Valentines for St. Valentine’s Day

Last week, I posted some printable scripture Valentines that I’m really excited about! Today, I wanted to share a few more printable Valentines I designed. You know, Catholic Valentines. ;-) These are super colorful and fun– check them out!

Click to Download

These actually say “Saint Valentine” rather than plain “Happy Valentine’s Day”, so that makes me happy. And all the swirly colors make my 5 year old happy. :-)

These are totally free to download and print, so enjoy!

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