Saint Patrick Puppet Craft {And a Linky!}

Ya'll know I've been obsessed with making paper bag saint puppets, so today I bring you Saint Patrick! :-) The one above is made with just a lunch sized paper bag, paper, glue, and googly eyes. I drew on the crosses with a marker. Here's a picture of the pieces before they went together: His beard is shaped like a heart. I folded the paper in half and cut it out like this: I also … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Rosary for Kids- A Fun Craft!

When we were making our little rosaries the other week, we also made some trinity shamrock rosaries since St. Patrick's day is just around the corner! :-) I also had some cute child-made ones, but my kids ran off with them. I'm having such a hard time photographing their crafts recently! Lol!   Aren't these shamrock doilies too cute?! I got them at Michael's, and overpaid. I … [Read more...]

Catholic Trinity Craft for Preschoolers

Catholic ABC's Week 3 Number of the week: 3 Theme: Trinity Memory Verse- The Glory Be: Glory Be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen. Craft: Trinity Triangle Materials Needed for Trinity Triangle Craft: Popsicle Sticks (available in plain or in colors at the Dollar … [Read more...]

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Teaching Tools

Pentecost is coming up on Sunday, which is a great time to learn about the Holy Spirit! You might also want to teach your kids about the holy spirit around a baptism, confirmation, or when studying the Trinity! Here are some crafts to help teach your kids or class about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Ten Kids and a Dog made this Gifts of the Holy Spirit Windsock!   For directions … [Read more...]