Our Lady and the Ladybug

Did you know that the lady bug is named for the virgin Mary? It is said that farmers were having their crops devoured by insects and prayed to Mary for help. Then red and black beetles came and ate all the insects, saving the crops! They named them “Beetles of Our Lady” which over time turned into “Ladybugs”. You can read more about this legend here. Try some of these fun ladybug activities for the month of May- Mary’s month! :-) Maybe you could even make some blue lady bugs- symbolic of Mary’s color!

Family at the Foot of the Cross has the most adorable
lady bug post with lots of crafts and fun food!
Try paint these ladybug rocks with Kaboose and then
adding them to your Mary Garden.
Make this ladybug craft from Pace Farm using an egg carton.

Crafts by Amanda has directions on making these adorable
paper plate lady bugs. Aren’t they cute?!

Also make this recycled ladybug jar with Crafts by Amanda.

This tutorial for making ladybug lids also comes
from Crafts with Amanda. She has so many cute ideas!

Annie’s Eats has great direcitons for making these adorable
ladybug cupcakes!

I found these strawberry ladybug treats on On a Whim.
She has a tutorial for making them as well! :-)
Holy Heroes

Celebrating the Solemnity of the Ascension

The Ascension is falling on May 13 for the year 2010. This is the day that we celebrate Jesus’ ascension into heaven!  To read more about the ascension, click here. Here are fun things you might do to help your kids remember this day.

I also think it would be so much fun to serve these 
heavenly jello treats from Huber Hof Academy

Sermons 4 Kids.

The word “Tiramisu” actually translates from Italian
as “lift me up” therefore making it a wonderful treat for
the ascension! Find a simple tiramisu recipe here.

How cute is this ascension centerpiece from
Our Domestic Church? And so creative!
Holy Heroes

Spiritual Bouquets for Mother’s Day

I think spiritual bouquets would be a great idea for a religious mother’s day present for any mother you may know :-) If you’re new to the concept of spiritual bouquets, check out this post  from Our Domestic Church on Spiritual Bouquets. She explains what they are, and how to use them. She also gives multiple examples and has lots of pictures, plus she links to others that have made them as well! :-)

I love the idea of including photographs of children, handprints, and other keepsakes in a mother’s day spiritual bouquet. So here are some crafty examples that I love that could easily be made into spiritual bouquets instead!

Jennifer’s Stamp Pad. I love the idea of sticking hand prints
and photos into the bouquet- so adorable!
Love how they made these flowers spell out “Mom”.

Here are some directions for including photographs in
centerpieces from Make and Takes.

Here’s another set of directions for making a photograph bouquet.
You could have each child write out what prayers they would be
saying for mom around their own picture! :-)
I also think it would be really cute to make a family handprint bouquet
and write the prayers on each hand. This one’s from Kid’s Craft Zone.
Holy Heroes

Easy First Communion Cookies

Check out all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here.

I love to do cute stuff, but decorating elaborate cakes and such is not my strongest talent. Lol! So I came up with these super easy first communion cookies that anyone should be able to make, and I think they’re pretty cute :-)

Start by baking cookies. Any cookies. You can even just make some slice and bake cookies, or buy cookies that are already baked! I used oatmeal cookies.

For decoration, cut the ends off of large marshmallows. These are the “hosts” on the cookies. You can get 2 from each marshmallow- one from each end.

They will be really sticky where you sliced them, so just use that to stick them straight onto the cookie. Press gently to get it to stick. Then put some white icing into a ziplock baggie, and cut off a very tiny tip from the corner. You can use this to pipe little crosses onto your marshmallow “hosts”, or if you’re feeling really adventurous you can also write “IHS” on some of them :-)

I suppose you could really stick these to any dessert such as putting them on top of cupcakes or cakes as well. You may even be able to use them as favors. I think they would look very nice on colored sugar cookies also!

Check out all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here.

I’m linking this up at Joyfilled Family’s
Joy of First Communion Party! :-)

Picture Book of the Mass

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