How To Draw A Chalk Pastel Nativity {Leonardo da Vinci Style}

Through our Charlotte Mason method of education, we study 3 artists per year, and we are currently studying Leonardo da Vinci. I thought I would share our Christmas project with you- a nativity drawn in da Vinci's style. This projects is very easy and simple, so no stress on mom. ;-) Supplies Needed To Draw Your Own Nativity: Brown paper (We used cut up grocery bags. You could … [Read more...]

Printable Peg Dolls- The Nativity Set

So you asked for it, and you got it- a printable nativity peg doll set! (I was totally worn down by your requests on this one you guys) ;-) All you have to do is paint the heads, then you Modge Podge the rest. And btw, Mod Podging isn't even an extra step, you have to do it to seal the peg dolls somehow anyway. You can find all of my printable peg doll sets here. The download for all 10 … [Read more...]

3 Kings Ornament Craft For the Epiphany

Happy Epiphany! Although the feast of the Epiphany moves to the closest Sunday in the US, we usually celebrate at home on January 6. Here's a fun craft we're doing this year with the 3 kings. The really cool thing about this craft is that the 3 triangles spin so you can mix and match the king's clothes. This is a printable craft, part of the Advent Saints pack. This craft can … [Read more...]

Nativity Set Crafts and Activities for Kids

Nativity sets are such a great thing to have around during the Advent and Christmas season. They're a great hands-0n tool for teaching kids the true Christmas story. However, if nativity sets are going to be a hands-on tool for kids, you've got to have a few they can actually touch. Here are some ideas for crafting or using nativity sets with children. Here are my favorite  nativity sets for … [Read more...]

Nativity Sensory Bin for Christmas

Yesterday, our Playmobil Nativity arrived in the mail and it is sooooo cute! I absolutely love it! It took me awhile to put all the tiny pieces together, but it was so worth it- what a great toy! I was trying to decide what was the best way for me to keep all the little pieces together in my house, and knew it needed to be contained, so I made a nativity sensory bin for my kids to play … [Read more...]

Affordable Nativity Sets for Kids

Today, I'm beginning a new series called the "5 Days of Christmas", and I'm concentrating on Wishing Jesus Happy Birthday. When you're keeping Christ in Christmas rather than getting secularly sidetracked, that's celebrating the true reason for the season- the birth of Our Savior! I think a great place to start preparing for Jesus' birthday is to put out a nativity set. I like to have a … [Read more...]

Easy Nativity Cookies

We all know that I'm a crafter- not a baker. But being a baker seems to be a mommy-requirement at Christmas time. My awesome friend Liz (from Frugally Blonde) hosted a cookie exchange for my Catholic mother's group this year that I was not going to miss out on! I got an adorable set of nativity cookie cutters this year, so I thought we'd give 'em a try!   I didn't want to be stressed … [Read more...]

Craft a Nativity Set

I couldn't help but share a round up of different nativity sets you can craft! I wish I could make them all! Little Catholic nativity fact- St. Francis created the first nativity scene. Isn't that really cool?! Ok, here are some nativity crafts from around the internet: Super easy block nativity from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar!   Make Nativity Hand Puppets with … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Kick Off Advent With a Religious Bang! And a Linky :-)

With all the crazy hussle and bustle of the holidays, it's important not to let this religious time get lost in the secular shuffle. Preparing for Advent early is a great way to make sure you start this season off on the right foot- one that walks towards Him. For kids, Santa can be a pretty tough guy for Jesus to compete with- but I assure you that there is much strength and fun to be found in … [Read more...]

Feast of the Holy Family- Sunday after Christmas

The Feast of the Holy Family is falling on December 27th this year. To read more about this day, click here. Here's a craft idea from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. She gives detailed directions on how to make your own miniature holy family.   That Artist Woman made Holy Family Plates with her class. Enjoy these little diy nativity crafts! … [Read more...]