Do All Saints’ Day and Trick-or-Treating Go Together?

Interestingly enough, one of the most common questions people ask me when they meet me in real life is "do your kids go trick-or-treating?" People want to know- is it ok to go trick-or-treating if you're Catholic? Is it ok to celebrate "Halloween" if you're in the "All Saints' Day" crowd? This time of the year, we do try to keep our focus on the rosary, and the Saints, but my kid do go … [Read more...]

Make a Mother Teresa Costume

Any of you looking for last minute costume ideas for All Saints' Day? I know I am! How about making a Mother Teresa costume from a pillow case, a single bed sheet, and a roll of blue painter's tape? Read on my friends, read on! Little Violet is going to be Mother Teresa for our All Saints' Dayparty tomorrow. She's too small for a sheet, so I cut down some white fabric. The best part??? This … [Read more...]

All Saints’ Day Costume Ideas

My favorite part of All Saints' Day is the costumes! There's just something so cute about little kids dressed up as saints, isn't there? Saint Elizabeth All Saint Day Costume Ideas- the ultimate lists! Click the links below to find over 100 easy saint costume ideas! All Saints' Day Costume Ideas for Girls All Saints' Day Costume Ideas for Boys … [Read more...]

All Saints Day Party Games

Click Here to see All Saints Day Party Ideas! (Crafts, food, downloads and more!) I'm very excited about All Saint's Day this year, and I think it's agreat time to have a big party for kids! If you're having an AllSaint's Day party this year, here are some game ideas I've seen aroundthe internet from some very creative Catholic moms! Ring Toss: "Canonize the Saint" This is a basic ring toss … [Read more...]

All Saint’s Day – Catholic Craft for Kids

All Saint's Day is just around the corner! I wanted to share a craft my daughter did with our preschool co-op last year. Depending on the age of the child, you may need to cut out the cloud and write "The Saints are in Heaven with Jesus" before starting. Have your child add the glitter first, taking care to knock off the excess. If your kids are anything like mine, they'll really love the … [Read more...]