Ascension of Jesus Crafts for Kids

Ascension Thursday is coming up fast! Last year, I posted cute food ideas for celebrating the ascension. My suggestion for this year? Use a craft as a learning tool for teaching your kids what the ascension is all about! Luckily I have several crafts on display for you to choose from:

Exhibit A: Adorable Ascension craft from Oriental Trading!
Ok, how cute is this ascension craft? You pull the string, and Jesus disappears into the blue paper cup “sky”. What a great idea! Ya, you could order the kits from Oriental Trading company… if I had posted this in enough time for you to do so. Ahem. BUT, I’m quite sure that Catholic Icing readers are crafty enough to figure out how to buy their own blue paper cups and cotton balls. I think you could use my printable Risen Jesus for this craft as long as you got big cups (like the plastic solo cups, which totally come in blue).

Exhibit B: Easy Ascension Thursday Centerpiece


In last year’s Ascension post, I featured an adorable centerpiece idea. This year I’m planning a simpler verions of it myself. I’m going to fill a wine glass with cotton ball “clouds” and turn it upside down, setting the Risen Jesus from my Printable Resurrection set on top. Ta-da- Ascending Jesus!
Exhibit C: An Ascension Craft from 10 Kids and a Dog.


Not only does this look like a fun craft, but it certainly makes for a striking visual when it’s all strung up above your dinner table! Find directions for making this ascension craft here.
If you’re looking for a simpler way to celebrate Ascension Thursday with your family this year, try printing a beautiful Ascension coloring page from St. John’s for free!


Also, be sure to check out the Catholic Toolbox for lesson plans with tons of ideas and links for the Ascension of Jesus! (Have I ever told ya’ll how much I love The Catholic Toolbox? Well, let me tell ya- I LOVE The Catholic Toolbox!)


I had a rockin’ idea for an ascension craft, but our stomach bug has really slowed me down around here. Oh, well- maybe next year! Happy (almost) Ascension Thursday!

Printable Easter Countdown Calendar

Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipies for kids here!

Did you know that there are 50 days in the Easter season? Not one, but 50! That’s even more days than there are in lent! The Easter season begins with Easter Sunday, and ends with Pentecost. In order to help my kids and I remember that the Easter season is an ongoing thing, I made this religious Easter countdown calendar which starts on Easter Sunday, and ends on Pentecost Sunday.

The best part about this Easter countdown calendar is that it’s printable, and free for all of you!

Make sure you allow the image to download completely before printing, otherwise it may result in a half printing job. I’m sorry, but I cannot troubleshoot your printer problems with you- thank you for understanding. If you’re having trouble printing, try downloading them first rather than printing straight from the doc.

This Easter calendar doesn’t include calendar dates, so it’s good for every year! Some days I included when drawing this calendar are Divine Mercy Sunday (which Pope John Paul II instituted as the second Sunday of Easter), all 8 Sundays of Easter, Ascension Thursday, and Pentecost. This is a great tool for teaching your kids about the liturgical year, so I hope you find a use for it!

How to use this calendar:
I’m going to have my kids mark off each day with a sticker. (I think I have a bunch of small Easter stickers left over from an egg dying kit around here somewhere). Other options would be coloring one square each day, or marking them off with “x’s”. You could also laminate the calendar with contact paper, or put it in a Dollar Store frame and then mark off the days with a dry erase marker. I also though about decoupaging it to a cookie sheet, and moving a magnet one square each day. It’s totally up to you.

I’m definitely using these as a religious Easter basket stuffer at my house, too! ;-)

Just for fun, I’m also offering the Easter calendar in color, and it’s also free!

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If you’re looking for a countdown calendar that ends on Easter, you need to check out my printable Lenten calendar.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to celebrate all 50 days of Easter, check out this post.

These pages are my own artwork and are free for any not-for-profit use by individuals, families, or educational organizations. Copies may not be sold, reproduced for profit, or published by anyone but me. If you’d like to post this calendar for others to find, I would ask that you link to my post and rather than my individual downloads because their location may change. When printing or running copies, please do not remove my website from the bottom of the page. Thanks!

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Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipies for kids here!

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Celebrating the Solemnity of the Ascension

The Ascension is falling on May 13 for the year 2010. This is the day that we celebrate Jesus’ ascension into heaven!  To read more about the ascension, click here. Here are fun things you might do to help your kids remember this day.

I also think it would be so much fun to serve these 
heavenly jello treats from Huber Hof Academy

Sermons 4 Kids.

The word “Tiramisu” actually translates from Italian
as “lift me up” therefore making it a wonderful treat for
the ascension! Find a simple tiramisu recipe here.

How cute is this ascension centerpiece from
Our Domestic Church? And so creative!