Craft Your Own Advent Candles The Easy Way

It's that time of year! The time of year when what you desperately need are pink and purple candles, but the stores are selling pretty much only red, green, gold, and harvest colors. Great joy. If only you had thought to buy pink and purple candles last Spring... but then again, you think that every year, don't you? Or is it just me? Well this year we skipped our annual candle-hunt by … [Read more...]

Printable Advent and Christmas Blessings for Catholic Families

Here's a round up of printable blessings to use during Advent and Christmas time. (I really did my best to round-up printable versions, because I think gathering around a computer doesn't have the same quaint feel to it. When you print these, be sure to add them to your Advent/Christmas planning binder so you don't ever have to look them up or print them again. None of these blessings were created … [Read more...]

Advent Wreaths- Crafts, Activities, and More!

Having an Advent wreath is a great Catholic tradition! Here are some fun Advent wreath crafts, activities, and other fun resources for kids. (You can find a printable Blessing of the Advent Wreath here.) Advent Wreath Craft- This one is fun and easy, and doesn't involve any glue, so in a classroom, it can be taken home immediately without needing time to dry. Here's a fun Advent snack- an … [Read more...]

Advent Wreath Craft for Catholic Kids

We're getting ready for Advent around here, and I love making Advent wreaths with my kids. Last year we made a functional Advent wreath craft with birthday cake candles, and we love those! This year we tried something a little different that's cheaper and easier for little kids.  Craft Supplies Needed to Make these Advent wreaths: Pipe Cleaners (1 Green and 2 Yellow per wreath) Pony … [Read more...]

Advent Wreath Craft for Kids

I've been crafting Advent wreaths with my preschool co-op, my own children, and, well, pretty much every Catholic child that I come in contact with! :-) As I'm sure you can instantly tell, this advent wreath is child sized, and crafted with pink and purple birthday candles. This is a great way to have fun with kids for advent! These wreaths can be made for about a dollar a piece. The … [Read more...]

Make Pink and Purple Advent Candles

As anyone who follows my facebook page knows, I've had trouble finding pink and purple candles for Advent this year. But really, this is nothing new- it's hard every year. Sure, I could order them, but crafting them for super cheap is more my style ;-) I started with regular white pillar candles from the Dollar Tree. See? (For the record, this green wreath is also from the Dollar Tree. I … [Read more...]

Edible Advent Wreath for Kids

As advent approaches, you might try making this super fast and easy Advent snack to learn about advent wreaths. All you need is store bought doughnuts (or if you're really awesome make them from scratch), birthday candles in pink and purple, sugar, and green food coloring. I highly suggest Krispy Kreme doughnuts, the best doughnuts in the whole wide world, but I can't get theme where I … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Kick Off Advent With a Religious Bang! And a Linky :-)

With all the crazy hussle and bustle of the holidays, it's important not to let this religious time get lost in the secular shuffle. Preparing for Advent early is a great way to make sure you start this season off on the right foot- one that walks towards Him. For kids, Santa can be a pretty tough guy for Jesus to compete with- but I assure you that there is much strength and fun to be found in … [Read more...]

Advent Ideas

The First Sunday of Advent is tomorrow! Are you ready? Well, here are some ideas to help you and your family celebrate this season of waiting ;-) I just love this kid's advent wreath craft project from Catholic Mom using hand prints!   Here are some DIY Advent Wreath Instructions from Catholic Culture. Roots and Wings has a tutorial on how to make this beautiful paper-style … [Read more...]