O Antiphon Ideas for Catholic Families- An Advent Tradition

The great thing about the O Antiphons is, they don’t start until December 17! That means even if you missed the boat with an Advent wreath or a Jesse tree, you’ve still got time for this! :-)

If you’re not familiar with the O Antiphons, or even if you are, I suggest that you read my page all about the O Antiphons before moving on. I want to be very clear that the O Antiphons are not like the Jesse tree in that the focus is not about having a “thing” where you move or hang something every day to celebrate these. However, a lot of people around blog-land have really cool things they’ve made that I would compare to a Jesse tree in that way. That’s a neat idea because you only have to build it once, and you would have it year after year. Here are some of my favorites.

o antiphon crafts and printables O Antiphon Crafts

O Antiphon Printable Prayers

  • This O Antiphon prayer companion is free to print, and is absolutely beautiful! (Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the post for the links. Even thought it says “updated 2012″, it’s good for every year.

O Come O Come Emmanuel- Printable Lyrics

Also, you can find all of my Advent and Christmas resources for Catholic families here.

The Advent Christmas Planner- available from Catholic Icing

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Catholic December and January Calendar Stick-Ons

Let me tell go ahead and say that we have been having a rough month around here. I’m way behind on life (for various reasons), and for the last week or so everyone in my family has had a stomach bug. So yes, I know this post is late, but I’ve been a little out-of-it. Plus, any of you that have the Advent Christmas Planner have had these calendar stick-ons from the beginning. ;-)

liturgical calendar stick-ons

You can read more about how to use the Liturgical Calendar stick-ons and why I’m creating them here. I love being able to add this stuff to my family calendar, and next, I’m planning on printing them out, laminating them with packing tape, and adding magnets for our magnetic kid calendar in our homeschool room. Very excited. :-)

I combined December and January because it includes stick-ons for the 12 days of Christmas and flows in January anyway.

liturgical calendar for kids

I just have to say that I have love, love, loved having these on my calendar! Brightens it up, reminds me of the feast days I want to remember, and just makes me smile. :-)

Print the December/January Liturgical Calendar Stick-ons for free here!

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Printable Advent and Christmas Blessings for Catholic Families

Here’s a round up of printable blessings to use during Advent and Christmas time. (I really did my best to round-up printable versions, because I think gathering around a computer doesn’t have the same quaint feel to it. When you print these, be sure to add them to your Advent/Christmas planning binder so you don’t ever have to look them up or print them again. None of these blessings were created by me. I found them all on different sites and linked to my favorites.)printable advent blessings

Printable Blessing and Prayers for Advent Wreath- I found these printable Advent prayers. It’s easily printable, and includes a short blessing of the Advent wreath, along with a short prayer to add to dinner each night as you light the candles. If you’re looking for a more extensive initial blessing of the wreath, check out this printable page.

You can find all my Advent Wreath Posts here.

Printable Blessing of the Christmas Tree- Holy Heroes has a great printable Chrismas tree blessing. This one was hard to track down because a lot of the tree blessings were very long. I chose this one because it seemed “doable” at home with families with small children.

Printable Blessing of the Creche (Navitity Set)- Here is a printable version of a creche blessing.

You can find all my Nativity Set Posts here.

Blessing of the Candy Canes- Here is one that can be used any time during the seasons, and here is a candy cane blessing that is special for St. Nicholas day.

Printable Epiphany Door Blessing- This is a simple blessing for the Epiphany when you chalk your door. You can read more about this tradition here. You can take a piece of chalk to Mass with you and have the priest bless it. If you forget to have your chalk blessed, you can bless it yourself. Here is a prayer you can use to bless the chalk.

You can find all of my Epiphany Posts here.


All of my Advent and Christmas resources for Catholic families can be found here.



The Advent Christmas Planner- available from Catholic Icing

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Jesse Tree Readings, Ornaments, and Free Printables!

Jesse trees can be so different from family to family. They can be bought or made, the ornaments can be crafted out of practically anything, and I love how unique and beautiful they all are! Here a round-up of my favorite Jesse Tree resources to help get you started in this rich Advent tradition!

How to Celebrate Advent with a Jesse Tree

First of all, check out this amazing Jesse Tree resource- a totally free downloadable ebook! This book is simple to use, and great for use with little kids. In addition to telling you what symbol your ornament needs for each day, it has a scripture verse, a simple prayer, and a song paired with each day. She really did a great job pairing up already-known children’s songs with the theme of each day. I knew almost all the songs she has listed (with the lyrics you need, by the way), and the ones I didn’t know are easily found on You Tube. So many Jesse Tree books are very heavy with lots of readings that are over kid’s heads, but I have to say, this one seems right on. What are you waiting for? Download it free here.

1+1+1=1 also has another Jesse Tree books that is free for downloading as well. It also looks like a great set!

Crafting Jesse Tree Ornaments

What to use as a Jesse Tree

You can also host a “Jesse Tea” where you serve foods that go with each day’s theme. Check out the food ideas here.

Check out all of my Advent and Christmas posts here.

The Advent Christmas Planner- available from Catholic Icing

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