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How to Make a San Juan Diego Costume

When it was time to pick saints for All Saints' Day costumes, there was no doubt who my 3 year old wanted to be- Saint Juan Diego! He absolutely adores the movie Juan Diego, Messenger of Guadalupe. I don't love all of the CCC movies, but this is one of my favorites! It's so sweet, I like the animator they used for this movie, and it actually made me cry the first time I watched it. You can buy … [Read more...]

Saint Patrick Puppet Craft {And a Linky!}

Ya'll know I've been obsessed with making paper bag saint puppets, so today I bring you Saint Patrick! :-) The one above is made with just a lunch sized paper bag, paper, glue, and googly eyes. I drew on the crosses with a marker. Here's a picture of the pieces before they went together: His beard is shaped like a heart. I folded the paper in half and cut it out like this: I also … [Read more...]

Celebrate St. Valentine’s Feast Day- And Link Up Your Ideas, Too! :-)

As promised on Catholic Icing's facebook page, I'm hosting a St. Valentine's Day Link up in honor of this oh-so-popular saint. That's right- a saint! Catholics are reclaiming St. Valentine's Day! Whoot! First I'm going to share my past St. Valentine's Day ideas! Here are the heart shaped cinnamon rolls I made for St. Valentine's Day.   Last year we made some awesome decoder … [Read more...]

Pro Life Activities for Kids

With the National March for Life coming up in a few weeks, I've got pro-life stuff on the brain. I live in the DC area and would love to go to the march, but I always end up wimping out because I don't think I can handle my kids in the cold downtown all by myself. Still, we're going to be working on some pro-life crafts and such the week of the march, so I thought I would share some ideas with … [Read more...]

Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe Crafts and Feast Day Ideas

The feast of San Juan Diego is December 9, and the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is December 12. Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to San Juan Diego many times. She gave him roses as a miracle when there were none in bloom and he carried them in his tilma. When he opened his tilma, Our Lady of Guadalupe's image was left behind! Such a great story for kids! Now here are some ways you can celebrate … [Read more...]

O Jesse Tree, O Jesse Tree… How Crafty are Your Branches!

Jesse Trees are a great way to celebrate Advent and Keep Christ in Christmas! (Along with quite a few of His relatives). If you don't have a Jesse Tree yet, then you're in the same boat as I am! You can print, craft, or buy your ornaments. Any guesses as to which I'm going to do? While you ponder on that, here are some ideas to check out: Vee over at Paper Dali has a really cute set of Printable … [Read more...]

Printable St. Gerard Note Cards

St. Gerard's feast day is on October 16, which is this Saturday. When I was in high school, I painted a whole series of Saint pictures that were supposed to "modernize" the saints. St. Gerard is the patron saint of expectant mothers and the unborn, so I did a mixed media piece of him in an ultrasound picture. I've always liked this piece a lot, and I like to have it hanging in our home- especially … [Read more...]

Free St. Michael Printables!

Vee over at Paper Dali has tons of great FREE Catholic printables, including this St. Michael paper doll. I just love her paper dolls! You can use it to celebrate the feast of St. Michael and the archangels coming up on September 29 :-) Printable St. Michael Paper Doll And here's a St. Michael Fun Facts Sheet for kids from Catholic Online.   … [Read more...]

St. Rose of Lima- Don’t Let Her Feast Day Pass You By!

The feast of St. Rose of Lima is coming up on August 23. She is the patroness of Latin America, the Phillipines, needle workers, and against vanity. She herself was very beautiful, and she would rub pepper on her face to ruin her own complexion. She is usually depicted with a rose crown on her head. Here are some ways you and the kids can remember her on her feast day! Paper Dali has a free … [Read more...]

Catholic Vacation Bible School- Growing With the Saints

I wanted to feature some Catholic Vacation bible school programs. I know that many protestant VBS programs offer Catholic counterparts, but I'm going to focus on VBS packages actually created by Catholics.  The first one I'm looking at is "Growing with the Saints". I've never seen or participated this program myself, but here's what one of my readers had to say: "I am the DRE for our parish and … [Read more...]