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Psalm Scripture Memory Cards For Catholics (And Songs That Go With Them)

I made a pack of Scripture Memorcy cards that has only verses from the book of Psalms. I specifically chose Psalms that Catholics are already familiar with. All of the artwork on the cards is my own. :-) My hope is that memorizing Scripture we're already somewhat familiar with as Catholics will build our confidence and lead to further Scripture memorization, which is something I desperately … [Read more...]

Scripture Memory Cards For Catholics- Printable

Last week, I introduced you all to the Scripture Memory system we're starting to use. It's an easy way to get started with scripture memory. Come on, Catholics, we can do this!!! ;-) At first, I thought we were basically starting from scratch. Then I realized that us Catholics know a lot more scripture than we realize we do! So I put together some printable Scripture Memory Cards for … [Read more...]

Scripture Memory For Catholics- How To Get Started

I've always wished I had more Scripture memorized, and I've always thought (in general) that Catholics should memorize more scripture than they do. This is something that reflects in my work here on Catholic Icing, making sure that my resources, such as Catholic ABC's, comes with scripture memory each week. Jesus said to them in reply, "You are misled because you do not know the scriptures or the … [Read more...]

How To Celebrate St. Nicholas Day; Ideas, Printables, and More!

Many Catholic children around the world celebrate St. Nicholas day! It is said that there were three poor girls that could not get married because they had no dowry, and St. Nicholas came and secretly left three purses of gold for them at night. So the tradition of leaving out shoes to be filled with gifts was born of a generous stranger leaving presents for those in need. A great way … [Read more...]

Make a Holy Water Bottle Craft with Catholic Kids

We made these Holy Water Bottle Necklaces when Anabelle was Baptized, and this was such a fun craft for Baptism! It got the kids involved, gave them something to look forward to, kept them occupied, and I got to teach the kids about Holy Water. Score! :-) How to Make a Holy Water Bottle Craft Making this Holy Water Bottle Craft was super easy and the kids really enjoyed it! Supplies Needed … [Read more...]

Reading The Bible As A Family: 5 Steps To Get Started

For years I wished that I read the Bible with my kids. And when I say Bible, I'm talking about the real Bible. There were even times that I felt like a phony for running this blog and still not being someone who actually read the Bible to my kids. Then, I figured out the secret to making Bible reading a normal occurrence in our house, and that is, to simply do it. That's right - Scripture … [Read more...]

Teach Kids about the Trinity

Are you looking for ways to explain the Blessed Trinity to children? You've come to the right place! This ebook, Teach Catholic Kids About the Trinity, explains the Blessed Trinity to kids in a format that caters to them. (Also, scroll down for a list of crafts and activities for kids about the Trinity) Purchase the pdf to print this book yourself now for $3!   Or you can purchase it for the … [Read more...]

Lacy’s Picks- Our Homeschool Curriculum (2015-16)

Every year I get emails asking what curriculum we're using. The truth is, finding the right homeschool curriculum is a lot like finding a perfect pair of jeans. It takes a lot of looking and trying on, and in the end, what's a good fit for me isn't necessarily a good fit for you. Regardless, after many years of homeschooling under my belt, I am ordering our curriculum with confidence this year- … [Read more...]

Psalms Notebooking Pages- Free To Print

Continuing on with our Religious notebooking project, today I'm posting some printable Psalm pages, and I'm combining these also with the David page. They go with pages 24-27 in Tell Me About The Catholic Faith, or any other Psalm and King David resource you would rather use with your kids. My Thoughts On These Pages: On the David pages, I really think they could have skipped the part … [Read more...]

Catholic Books Of The Bible Resources For Kids- Song, Free Printables, and More!

When we first began our journey through Tell Me About The Catholic Faith, the first 2 page spread was about the Bible in general. I love this! Scripture time in Catholic ABC's begins with a little introduction to the Bible for preschoolers each week, so it felt good to take that to the next level for my older kids. My Thoughts On Pages 10-11: I was really pleased with the way the … [Read more...]